We create emotion.

Emoticom is a communications agency focused on using emotion to shape strategy and content in order to drive conversion online.

What we do

  • Strategy consulting

    We guide you through optimal positionning to raise high appeal, wether you want to sell a movie or a product, at an early or advanced stage.
    Communication plan
    Brand identity
  • Content production

    Based on a targeted strategy, we will develop content that will make your film or product shine while beeing tailored for each channel.
    Motion design
  • Activity

    Social media and influencers are an opportunity to trigger interest ; we will help you inspire the right emotions to drive conversion for your product in targetted markets.
    Community management

What we did

Who we are

Emoticom was created by two digital marketing experts, Alban de Fraipont and Romain Leloux.
Both with a solid background in marketing and communication, they created Emoticom to develop the importance of emotion in digital communication to trigger conversions.
This emotion driven approach was developed for the movie industry and is now used for other industries. Their complementary skills enable them to conceive strategies accross channels whether it be using social media, websites, video or other media.

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